5d钻石绣招财进宝: Kaede Spa

Spend time filled with serenity and beauty in the Kaede Spa bringing you hospitality inspired by traditional Japanese culture.

The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko Main Building 1st floor

Opening Hours

  • 3:00P.M. – 11:00P.M.

[Aroma Body Treatment]

Aromatherapy massage to relax the entire body, concentrating on the most stressed areas.
Choose your favorite scented oil according to the needs of your body.
– Massage part varies based on the course time. –

50min 10,100yen / 70min 15,400yen / 90min 19,800yen

[Foot Treatment]

Aromatherapy from the thighs to the soles of the feet.
Many pressure points on the soles affect different parts of the body.
Applying pressure to those points will help remove toxins and relieve swelling.
Experience how light and refreshed your legs can feel.

45min 11,000yen

[Oriental Body Massage]

This massage will promote lymphatic drainage and alleviate muscle fatigue.
No oil is used.

50min 12,100yen / 70min 16,500yen

[Facial Care]

A facial-only course introducing the KAEDE SPA original skincare line “SUE”, pronounced “Soo-eh”.

30min 7,700yen

A full course featuring all of “SUE” line’ s aging care products.
This course includes skin care applied to the neckline along with rejuvenating facial masks ensuring fresh and moist skin all over.

60min 14,300yen

A course for those searching for the finest aging care service.
Every measure is carefully applied, every detail looked after. The wonders of “SUE” can be experienced to the fullest.

80min 22,000yen


*Package Course: All courses include footbath.

Fragrant oils are used for a back massage followed by a facial treatment for total relaxation.

60min 14,300yen


Renew yourself in body and spirit by exfoliating the dead skin cells with a salt scrub of refreshing citrus aroma.
A satisfying course to relax the entire body from head to toe using your favorite aroma oil.
– Massage part varies based on the course time. –

90min  27,500yen / 120min 33,000yen

After having a long, luxurious hot bath, a Kucha (mudstone from Okinawa) body wrap rich in minerals is applied.
Faint electric currents generated by Kucha help to detoxify and stimulate blood circulation.
A specially designed course of aroma oils are used to carefully treat the entire body.
– Massage part varies based on the course time. –

100min 33,000yen / 130min 38,500yen

After enjoying a relaxing and luxurious time in a bath,the surface of the body is treated with a gentle scrub.
This light touch treatment will release your daily stress. Combined with a rejuvenating facial treatment will guarantee you a blissful experience.

150min 40,700yen

[KAEDE SPA Signature Course(Plum and Green tea)]

Facial treatment and body massage in a room filled with a relaxing aroma.
Exfoliating the dead skin cells on your back will smooth and soften your skin.
– Massage part varies based on the course time. –

90min 22,000yen / 120min 28,600yen

[Anti-aging Care Course]

Argan oil from the Saharan Desert of Morocco is used for a rich facial extending to the neckline.
Aging care that brings back the tension, elasticity, moisture, luster, smoothness and joy to the skin.

70min ¥25,300

An aging care course using Argan oil from nuts of the Argan tree found only in Morocco.
Expect a lift-up of the face.

70min ¥27,500

Body treatment with aroma oil on top of facial aging care with Argan oil.
Special eye cream adds moisture to the eyes like a dance on the lake in this elegant course.

90min 33,000yen


?Steam sauna-Green tea & Salt- 25min  4,400yen

?Head treatment 15min  3,300yen

?Arm and hand treatment 15min 3,300 yen

?Exfoliation of the dead skin cells 15min 3,300 yen

?Foot treatment with aromatic oil 15min 3,300 yen

?Kucha(mud) based mask (back,face,or below the knees) 15min 3,300 yen

?Oriental Short (shoulder massage) 15min 3,300 yen

?Oriental Short (lower back massage) 15min 3,300 yen

?Aromatic oil treatment 15min 3,300 yen


※Consumption tax is included in the price.

※In of cancellation, please let us know 3 hours before your treatment time otherwise you will charge the full treatment fee.

※Service is limited to those aged 18 or above.

※We accept only facial course who is pregnant.

※We may refuse to give service to a person who is drunk, in bad condition or tattooed.

Kaede Spa
Kaede Spa
Kaede Spa
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